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Community groups are smaller groups of people at Hiawatha that meet regularly to help foster gospel-centered learning and living. They value studying the Bible, praying together, eating together, serving one another and the greater church body, and moving towards a lost world together on mission. We have alternating-style groups (men and women meet separately on alternating weeks), traditional-mixed groups, men’s groups, women’s groups, and family style (dads, moms and kids all attend together with part of the night focused on just adult study).

Community groups are open to anyone, but we especially recommend that every regular attender of Hiawatha Church joins a community group. Growing in the gospel in community is a critical part of our spiritual development as Christians. Contact Pastor Spencer,, if you’re interested in being a part of one.



Monday Nights, 7:00 pm, Mixed Group / 1st & 3rd MONDAYS / Leaders: Eric and Leah Miller

Monday Nights, 7:00 pm, Mixed Group / 1st & 3rd MONDAYS / Leaders: Chris and Sara Thompson, Kurt and June Hagedorn

Tuesday Nights, 6:00 pm Family Style Dinner, 7:00 pm Alternating Men's/Women's Study  / WEEKLY / Leaders: Dan and Shelly Haagenson

Tuesday Nights, 7:00 pm, Mixed Group / 1st & 3rd TUESDAYS / Leaders: Jachin Rupe, Mike and Sherry Berryman

Tuesday Nights, 6:30 pm, Family Style / WEEKLY / Leader: Dan Anderson

Wednesday Nights, 7:00 pm, Womens Group / WEEKLY / Leaders: Becky Carlson and Katy Dillard

Wednesday Nights, 7:00 pm, Mixed Group / 2nd & 4th WEDNESDAYS / Leaders: Mark and Heidi Edwards

Wednesday Nights, 7:00 pm, Mixed Group / 2nd & 4th WEDNESDAY / Leaders: Tyler and Jamie Leeper, Eric and Kaylin Horne

Wednesday Nights, 7:00 pm, Alternating Group / Leaders: Men- Pete Kleiber and Matt Warren / Women-Emily Kleiber and Maren Warren

Wednesday Nights, 7:00 pm, Mixed Group / WEEKLY / Leaders: Chris and Aletha Wachter

Wednesday Nights, 7:00 pm, Men’s Group / 1st & 3rd WEDNESDAYS / Leader: Carl George

Wednesday Nights, 7:00 pm, Mixed Group / WEEKLY / Leaders: Spencer and Amy Peterson, Caleb and Ellen Zimmermann

Wednesday Nights, 6:00 pm Family Style dinner, 7:00 pm Study / WEEKLY / Leaders: Charlie and Heather Christopherson

Thursday Nights, 6:30 pm, Mixed Group / WEEKLY / Leaders: Brad and Sarah Johannsen

Thursday DAY, 10:00 am, Women’s Group / BI-WEEKLY / Leader: Sue LaCombe