Interested in learning more about the Bible, thinking practically about theology, and living with more intentionality in your church? Interested in being equipped to better serve as a leader, elder, or church planter? Consider taking one or several of our biblical-studies classes or talking more about what an internship might look like for you at Hiawatha Church through our Hiawatha Leadership Institute (HLI). 


Porterbrook is a series of practical theology courses that train and equip Christians for a more intentional and missional life in community with the church. Classes include: gospel-centered living, how to read the Bible, church history, apologetics, the Holy Spirit, missional church practices, pastoral care, Christ and culture, and much more. Porterbrook is a two-year program. The format is a mix between independent study, monthly study group sessions, and a daylong Saturday seminar three times per year. Classes run from September to May. For more information about Porterbrook, please visit


We offer a fall biblical-theology class that helps equip you to read the Bible in a biblical manner. Meaning, we address the questions, "How does the Bible read itself?" and "How do we read the Bible as though Jesus is the central hero, and not us?" We also offer a spring systematic-theology class that aims for a broad understanding of the major Christian doctrines as they are distinguished from unorthodox teachings or heresies. And new this year we will be offering a short six-week class on church history starting in mid-January that will survey how those who went before us wrestled with issues like battling heresies, systemizing doctrine, working for church unity, addressing (or not) political issues, embracing persecution, living missionally, balancing Christian life with culture, and more.


For those interested in a more robust leadership development experience, we offer internships or church planting residencies that are tailored to helping you reach your ministry goals. Internships focus on developing people who think biblically, who lead with zeal, and who seek transformed hearts.

FOR MORE INFORMATION on any of these branches of HLI, contact Pastor Chris Wachter ( or Pastor Spencer Peterson (